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Dental Awards

Emerging dental products and oral care company

  • Gold tooth category award

  • Silver tooth category award

  • Ceramic tooth category award

Corporate dental awards category

  • Distinguished dental service award

  • Corporate dental clinic of the year

  • Dental brand of the year

  • Most trusted brand

  • Most popular dental healthcare company

  • Individual excellence in dentistry

  • Emerging company in dental products

  • Emerging brand in dentistry

  • Best dental patient care (for hospital and institutes)

  • Outstanding CSR activity award (dental products marketing company)

  • Best marketing campaign of the year

  • Best product launch of the year

  • Best dental innovation of the year

  • Fastest-growing company of the year

  • Excellence in dental machinery and instruments

  • Largest dental products distribution network company

  • Sales force excellence awards

Dentist awards category

  • Best specialist dentist of the year

  • Best dental nurse

  • Best young dentist

  • Outstanding dentist

  • Advanced technology dental care

Dental student’s recognition awards category

  • Predoctoral dental student merit award

  • Outstanding meritorious dental graduate